How To Order

You can order a new project or buy directly a summary preliminary draft of an online project:

  • The Purchase of the preliminary draft according to your selected online project includes the complete 3D architectural views, distribution plans and facades (or details). To buy directly, just open a project of your choice online and follow the payment steps, as soon as the payment is made the invoice is transmitted and the download of the digital file PDS (preliminary draft summary) is automatically done on your support;
  • The order of a complete study of your residential or industrial project according to your request or the order of the complete file of a chosen online project includes:

Architectural plans (Distributions and facades and cuts); the structures plans or details (resulting from a
sizing with the real parameters of the project); Descriptive and estimated cost of the project.

For this to be effective, it is first necessary to fill in the appropriate form and attach the details if you have some of for your project. After filling out the form, a financial offer for the study of your project will be sent to the email address you fill in the form, as soon as it is validated; it is necessary to pay a REFUNDABLE deposit of an amount of between 10% and 70% of the amount of the estimate cost of the studies (Remarks: the refund of the deposit is possible only in the case where we do not arrive in the deadlines set to send you the project file order, taking into account the amount transfer).

The advance payment made within a period ranging from 4 days to 15 days, you will receive according to your initial needs the package of technical documentation on the project:

  • Distribution plans and or details;
  • Fronts views;
  • 3D views;
  • Structural plans and studies;
  • The estimation cost of your project;
  • Assembly drawings…

Why are we asking for the deposit?
Our motto “La passion de satisfaire” can translate by “Every CFA F of the customer for the quality of the service”. We cannot allow the situation when our customers (those who pay money) to cover the consultations do not receive an equivalent service in return.
By paying the deposit, you demonstrate that your intentions are serious and let us consider you as a prospect.

Would you like to find a high quality builder for your project?